About Us

A Smoving Good Journey

Smove is a young company that thrives on a clear vision to make cities more liveable and to solve all pain points around vehicle ownership by developing a service model around mobility and transportation. We are very ambitious but also know that great things take time and there are no shortcuts to building a lasting and sustainable business with a great culture.

Our Team

We dream big at Smove. To have big dreams like ours, we need great talent. We empower people to meet their transportation needs and we are changing the way people move. We are re-imagining the future and we think outside the box to get to the goal.


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Operating Officer


Chief Technology Officer

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General Manager


Head of Hardware


Head of Software

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Head of Finance

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Head of People and Talent


Head of Product


Head of Customer Service

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Our Values

We live and breathe these values as a company, and work by them as a team. We are working together to build something we believe in and that will truly change people’s lives.


We carry our own weight and are disciplined to complete our tasks. We clean up our own mess

Team Work

We work together and help each other to be great!


We are excited by learning new things and improving the current status quo. We learn through failures and never shift the blame on others.

Open Communication

We encourage and listen to feedback and ideas, and provide clear information as to why certain things are done in certain ways.


We are truthful even when no one is watching. We are open and accountable.


We take pride in our work and strive for excellence. We respect ourselves by respecting everyone. We treat people with dignity and kindness.


Our Life and Culture:

We are driven by transparency, open discussion, collaboration, and direct feedback. We hate bureaucracy and slow moving decisions, and strive to create an environment where employees can speak their mind and shape the future of the company.

Smoving Along

We embrace personal development, and foster a growth mindset climate where we try new things and fail without consequences. We empower people to meet their transportation needs and we are changing the way people move. We are re-imagining the future and we think outside the box to reach our goals.



The Perks

The Lifestyle

We are an informal but mature startup. We feed ourselves with a fully stocked kitchen and library, as well as collaboration spaces and quiet zones.

Culture Club

The Culture Club runs a monthly Culture Week full of outrageous activities to celebrate our values.

Employee Rates

We offer our employees fantastic rates on our cars so they can get where they need to go!

We Give Back

We participate in regular volunteer community value initiatives. We also provide 2 days of paid volunteer leave for our team to give back to our community and those in need


We have free gym membership for Bespoke Fitness, which is just a stone throw away from our office!

Learning and development

We encourage and support the development of our team with a free Book Club, 2 days of paid Grow Leave and a $15k Growth fund.

A Smoving Good Blog

But dont take our word for it, heres what our staff have to say about us.


Current Job Openings at Smove:

We offer a unique recruitment process so get ready to experience something a little different when you apply for one of our roles:

Are you thinker-doer & self-starter, do you bring a growth mindset and keep challenging yourself by building something meaningful? Do you thrive in an environment without clear-cut processes and even better, are you able to create lean agile and innovative processes yourself? Then, Smove is for you!

Email us at hr@smove.sg for open roles available!