Celebrating Milestones

It was a Friday morning where the sun rays beamed through the windows of our office. There were chaos in the office. Well…. not those bad chaos. Just some of us scrambling to blow up as many blue and orange balloons as we can, while others distributing party poppers and confetti sprays. Everyone was excited for the upcoming celebration happening in an hour’s time and the atmosphere was filled with excitement.


The buffet spread came, and so did our mega “400” helium balloon. We had a feast and had fun taking group photos under the scorching sun. Although the celebration lasted for only 2 hours, the mood for the rest of the day was affirmative.  



That was a day where we celebrated one of our most important milestone in the company, as we reached our unexpected number of 400 cars in our fleet. In fact, it was already 425 cars when this celebration happened. No doubt it was a tough year. Everyone was working hard and played a part in achieving the milestones we had today. As a startup company, we’re always facing new challenges while trying to stay agile to anticipate changes. Nothing is as exciting as reaching a milestone that we couldn’t imagine ourselves to be achieving in such a short span of time. In fact, we had a milestone celebration when we had 100 cars, 200 cars, 300 cars and the recent launch of our multi-category car sharing option.


Celebrating milestones is something that we cherish as a company. Being a young company, milestones meant growth and achievement. Celebrating milestones encourages every individual of their hard work that everyone have put to achieve the goals that we have set. It gives us a sense of fulfilment. Therefore, a boost of our confidence.


Apart from the major milestones that we celebrate as a company level, we also celebrate small milestones achieved by every individual. Some of these milestones may seemed too small for a celebration, but we celebrated anyway.



We celebrate every individual employee anniversaries because each anniversary reminds us of the effort they have put in for this company for the past year. Apart from implementing the HR check in process to gather feedbacks from them during their anniversary, we also do shoutouts during company wide meetings so that everyone can celebrate this mini joyous occasion together.  As little as it sounds, it is a way to show that we value them and are honoured to have them in the team.


Customers Recognitions

The Customer Happiness Team are the first contact to customers and we all know very well that providing professional customer experience require a lot of patience and knowledge. Each time a customer recognizes our hard work and write in emails of commendation, we share this good news to everyone and we celebrate. These little piece of good news not only tells us that customers are satisfied with the professional customer service we provide, but it also encourages everyone in the team that they are being appreciated and valued. As the Customer Happiness Team represents the company and our branding in the face of our customers, compliment calls and emails gave us a boost in our morale and thus leading to a more effective customer service. Like what we believe, a little goes a long way. A small compliment could make our day!


1000 PRS

PRs, an instructional technological tool that the tech department have been using, helped to create and deploy new and improved features for our in-house software technologies. Our Smove website, operational software, the ez-link card reader function and the GPS tracking system in all our cars are done internally by our talented software engineers. We have recently hit 2000 PRs generated ever since the start of the company! In fact, when they had achieved 1000 PRs last year, there was a call for celebration where the entire department went down to Timbre+ for beer and celebration. It was a great milestone for them and creating a 100% in house technology for the company was an even greater milestone that we will always be grateful for.


Celebrating milestones do not need to be extravagant. While we do have major celebrations whenever we hit a company wide goal, but we also love celebrating achievements that may seem trivial, but could meant a lot for every individuals. Afterall, celebration spreads joy.