On-boarding newbies the Smove way…

Smove’s recruitment process is a robust and creative one, aiming to find the right fit for the right role. As many company resources are utilised during this process, it would be counterproductive of us to not continue to invest in our new recruits after they sign on the dotted line. Here at Smove, we wanted to get our new Smovers up to speed as quickly as possible, making sure that they felt comfortable in their new environment so that they could start succeeding and growing together with the company from Day 1. We also understand that first impressions count and we wanted our new Smovers to feel welcomed and appreciated even before they set foot in our office.

Introducing the Smove On-boarding Journey!

There are 3 things that we strive to achieve for our on-boarding:

  • To foster a positive and welcoming environment for our new Smover,
  • To clarify roles and responsibilities for the job, and
  • To pass on a knowledge and understanding of Smove’s culture and Values.

Letter of Offer

Our on-boarding process starts the moment we find the right person for the role. After we send out the Letter of Offer, the Hiring Manager follows up with a congratulations call, which adds a personal touch. The candidate will then know for sure that they have been successful in obtaining the job, instead of waiting for an email!

Set the Date

Next, we set the start date for the new Smover. Most Monday mornings are busy as we start the week with meetings and setting agendas. For a new employee, it might be intimidating to join in and make his or her opinions heard. Moreover, the Manager may also be preoccupied with these meetings and may not be able to allocate their full attention to the new addition to the team.

As such, we set all start dates to be on a Tuesday. This gives everyone enough time to prepare sufficiently, and the week also seems shorter for the new Smover, so less pressure!

Get Personal

Here at Smove we are super interested in getting to know our new Smovers! With BambooHR, we are able to send a ‘New Hire Packet’ to our new employees. Other than standard information such as phone numbers and address’, we also ask for some fun facts from them, such as their travel bucket list, favourite food and most used quote! All of this information is then sent to everyone in the company on the new Smovers first day of work, so that everyone is introduced to the new addition to the team, and has some interesting information they can quiz the new Smover on, making breaking the ice easy!

New Smovers also take a Myer-Briggs Personality Quiz, which helps us to sort them into one of the four Smove Houses that we have, (Shubacca, Skywalker, Endor and Wookies) so that they can participate in our House games during our regular monthly Culture Weeks!

Manager says Hello

To help our new Smover feel engaged and part of the team before they even enter our front door, the Hiring Manager does regular check ins with the new employee before Day 1 via email. The Manager sends the new Smover emails asking about thoughts on current and future projects, and also offers suggestions on potential readings to get the new Smover up to speed quicker.

These check ins aim to answer these questions for the new Smover:

  • What are the biggest priorities for Smove right now?
  • How can I learn more about what I will be doing and who I will be working with?

These check ins reduce uncertainty and get the new Smover excited about the work ahead!

Buddy says Hello

In addition to Manager check ins, the new Smover can also expect to hear from their Buddy! A Buddy is assigned to assist the new Smover to navigate the cultural and social norms of Smove. As a peer, the Buddy is usually not from the same department as the new Smover so they then know someone from another department before they start with the company. The Buddy helps the new Smover to get settled in on their first day. But even before the start date, the Buddy ask the new Smover for his or her favourite 3pm munchie, and this is then placed on their desk on the first day, really making them feel at home, welcomed and listened to.

Pimp My Desk

Last but not least, we also have a pay it forward activity. The last Smover to join the team prior to the new Smover is entrusted to pimp the desk of the new Smover to really welcome them on their first day. The older Smover can go as crazy as their imagination allows! (It really gets quite competitive.) The new Smover’s desk also includes a fully set up laptop, water bottle, pen, an itinerary for their first day and first two weeks at Smove. These itineraries have all the necessary trainings and meetings booked in for them to get them up to speed and working hard during their first few weeks. There is also all the other equipment the new Smover will need to start their first day. This activity also generates loads of excitement for the whole company, that there is going to be a new member in the team!

Say Hi!

It’s finally here, our new Smovers first day! So that everyone is in the office and ready to make our new Smover feel at home, we ask all new recruits to swing by at 10am. Once they arrive the Buddy gives the new Smover a grand office tour, introducing them to everyone and showing them everything that they need to know, such as where the pantry is, where they can find the coffee and where the restrooms are, etc.

When the new Smover opens up their laptop, they will also find a welcome email from the HR Team sitting there in their inbox, granting them access to the HR Teams ‘A Smovers Journey’ Trello page containing even more information that they may feel shy or ‘silly’ to ask about in their first few days, such as the best place to go for lunch, when payday is, and how to claim back expenses.

Team Huddle

Afterwards, it is time to meet the team! The team huddle introduces the team to the new Smover and gives them a brief idea of what projects everyone is working on, and how their contribution will fit in to the big picture.


Manager Check In

We understand that the Manager in an important person in the on-boarding process. Acting as a mentor, they set the tone on the first day by sitting down with the new Smover and giving them clarity on their new role. The new Smover will then know what to expect and what is expected of them, bridging any gaps between expectations and reality. These check ins continue as regular weekly 1:1 conversations, which continue on throughout the new Smovers probation period. These allow Managers to catch up with the new Smover to provide an opportunity for two-way conversation, feedback and guidance.

HR Check In

Next, the new Smover meets with the HR Team to continue with any administrative matters, such as bank account details and taking an official employee photo for our Employee Wall. The HR Team also takes the new Smover through our company Values deck, introducing the origin of the Values and how they came to be. We want our new Smovers to live and breathe these Values with us too!

At the end of their second week, our Head of People and Talent meets up with every new Smover to have a casual coffee session outside of the office for a quick catch up to see how they are fitting in, if they have been sold the right role and to answer any further questions. It is also a chance for the new Smover to provide any feedback or concerns to us!

Cross Training

Operations is the heart of our company. During their first week, all new Smovers go through a cross training session with the Operations Department to know more about what we offer to our customers. They also go through a Customer Happiness training session too, which helps them to understand our customers and the role our CXT Team plays within the company. These training sessions create an opportunity for the new Smover to interact with Smovers outside of their department, and understand more about the importance of their respective role in the organisation as a whole.

Social Dinner and Drinks

TGIF! At the end of their first week, we organise a get together after work for some casual drinks and maybe even a meal. This helps to welcome the new Smover in a casual and relaxed setting to the rest of the team if they hadn’t had the chance to meet them yet during their first week on the job.

The bottom line is that every employee matters at Smove! We treat every Smover as an asset to the company, and we want to ensure that we nail their Smove experience right from the start! Our aim is to make Smove a safe and comfortable place for all Smovers to contribute, grow and succeed within, for a long time to come!


Happy Smoving!