My First 90 Days in Smove

Well it certainly has gone fast! It’s crazy to think about all of the things I have already achieved in just 3 months, and all of the things I plan to achieve in the next 3 months and on. When I started at Smove as Head of People and Talent in April 2018, I had just come off a two year sabbatical to raise my two boys and also during which time my family had moved from London to Singapore. I didn’t know who would take a chance on a Mother who hadn’t worked in 24 months, and hadn’t even worked in the country in which I was now applying. But after a very rigorous recruitment process (Smove offers a unique recruitment experience) I was happily offered the job by Smove and couldn’t wait to get in and get started!


After a few days of being in office I decided I would focus my attention on 3 main areas for my first 3 months, let’s call them my KPIs, which were recruitment, onboarding and engagement. Not small areas you might say. What I found during my first few days, weeks and months at Smove was that the Company was setting itself up for greatness. It welcomed feedback, was open to suggestion and acted on requests. I introduced a new ATS (applicant tracking system) to support recruitment within the first month, built a new careers page for our website within the first 3 months and had managed to successfully fill active roles and open others. I built an onboarding platform and rolled it out to the Company and facilitated the introduction of our monthly Smovers Culture Week, promoting our Company values every month. We did employee engagement surveys, team bonding activities, formed team Houses who fought hard to win the Smovers Culture Cup every month. I ran an initiative that saw the redesign of our whole office and I hadn’t even hit my 90 day mark yet with the Company! We initiated community volunteer activities which saw Smove give back to those in need. We painted murals on walls, ate pizza, played in football tournaments and went bowling. This isn’t even a complete list of all the activities we did! Although we operate in a fast paced, agile startup environment, what Smove understands is that great things take time and there are no shortcuts to building a lasting and sustainable business with a great culture. We live and work by our Values and clear Vision to make cities more liveable and to solve all pain points around vehicle ownership by developing a service model around mobility & transportation. Our Mission is to have 1 million vehicles in multiple APAC cities utilize the Smove smart mobility service platform by December 2023, and damn am I proud to be a part of that!



I challenge you to find another organization and company culture that allows you to achieve, drive and facilitate all of that activity within such a short time! The leadership team at Smove trust wholeheartedly that they have made the right choice during the recruitment process, and therefore trust the individuals working alongside them. I was given absolute autonomy in regards to all aspects of my work and immediately felt like part of the team. I’m not sure what the next 90 days will hold, but wowsers am I looking forward to finding out!